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New Webcomic

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While reading pvponline the other day (Hey..even though he’s horde, Kurtz still writes a funny cartoon).. Scott linked to a cool webcomic called The Dreamland Chronicles go check it out.. its very cool.. I spent about 90 minutes or so reading the whole thing..

Its Good to have Goals

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Or, so I’ve been told..and now.. I’ve got a goal for Kael.

I want Kael to win a trophy, and have it awarded at a Monster Jam show.. and, it looks like right now, there is only one contest that does that… This one.

I’m sure Kael can grow a better mullet then some kid in Georgia…

Favorite Holiday

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My favorite Holiday (well, ok, second favorite..nothing tops Halloween!) is coming up on March 14!

Thats right… its “Steak and a BJ day!”

The man’s answer to all that fru fru girly stuff we have to deal with on Valentine’s Day….

Official website here, and don’t worry ladies.. there are how to guides there for you (For both the steak and a BJ)… in case you think you need help with either one

DST fix for OS X (10.0-10.3.9)

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Apple has released a fix for DST for OS X (10.4), but they haven’t released one for the earlier versions of OSX (and, given that the ‘new’ DST goes into effect Sunday..they probably aren’t going to)

I found this while surfing around today… its a 3rd part DST fix for all the older versions of OSX (Yay for Unix underpinnings!)

He used a What???

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Ok, I’m all for creativity and finding new ways to do things..but.. seriously.. this?

I mean, really? A torch? to rob a bank? You’re kidding right? I mean what’s the guy going to do if someone has a large glass of water? or a coke? or anything liquid?

I think the really sad part of this… is that the dude got away!