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Toddler Wisdom 21

Conversation with Kael:

Mommy: Kael stop stomping in the kitchen.

Kael: You mean I can’t run in the kitchen?

Mommy:  I wish you wouldn’t.

Kael: Well, that’s what you can wish when it’s your birthday then.

Kael: If I don’t stop doing it, I guess it didn’t work.

Future Kael

Its always refreshing when the local news does a story you can relate to.  Our’s ran this story the other day.  Thanks to them, I know what to expect in the near future from Kael.

Favorite Quote from the article:

Police say the child decided he wanted to get lunch at Applebee’s, and went out to the car and moved his child seat from the back of the car to the driver’s seat. He then grabbed the keys to the car and started backing up, roughly 47 feet.

Well, at least he knew he needed his carseat… hope he got it installed correctly…

Big 4!

This past Thursday was Kael’s 4th birthday!

He decided he wanted ice cream for his birthday, then we loaded up everyone one and headed over to the water park for a good chunk of the day.  Both kids had a blast.  As is to be expected he got a big haul o’ stuff from all his family and friends when he had his party.  Our gift to him?  Bunk Beds… (we’re such boring parents huh?)

Toddler Wisdom 19

Conversation between Janice and Kael:

Janice and the kids were listening to the Wicked soundtrack (again),

Kael:  What’s this song?

J: No one mourns the wicked.

K: What does that mean?

J: It means no one will miss wicked people if they go away.

K: Awwwww… Mommy, me and Maryn will miss you.

Gotta love the kid =)

Dentist Time!

We took the K to his first dentist appointment the other day… he got a glowing review from the Dentist, no cavities, good teeth.. yay!

Of course, the dentist says he thinks K might need braces….sigh..

time to start saving for braces…with my luck M will end up needing ’em to, and I’ll be paying off braces for the rest of my life…

Its Good to have Goals

Or, so I’ve been told..and now.. I’ve got a goal for Kael.

I want Kael to win a trophy, and have it awarded at a Monster Jam show.. and, it looks like right now, there is only one contest that does that… This one.

I’m sure Kael can grow a better mullet then some kid in Georgia…

Story Time with Kael

Last night after dinner, Kael decided to tell us a story… and I’m going to share it with you:

One day there was a baby geese and it was looking for its mother. He found another geese, but it wasn’t his mother. It was his brother! So, they took off flying and found a snowman. But it wasn’t built by his mother. It was built by his father. So, they took off walking and found their mother. And they were so happy to find their mother.

Then there was a big dragon. And he opened his mouth…and he ate them.

Then, the dragon opened his mouth again and ate their snowman.

Then, the dragon opened his mouth again and ate their house.

And that’s the end.

Such a sweet, happy ending we thought it was going to have.. and then the dragon ate everyone…


Maryn’s first Christmas! As has become our tradition, we went over to Jan’s parents’ house to exchange gifts with her family on Christmas eve, then did our gifts and the gifts from Santa on Christmas morning at our house.

The kids’ increased their holiday haul pretty significantly after the trip to the grandparents:


Look..matching PJs!


opening that morning haul


For Chanukah this year, the kids lit the Menorah (well..Kael did, Maryn is still a little to small to be playing with fire)

We went over to my mom’s to exchange gifts, as is expected..the kids made out like Bandits.. at this rate, we’re going to need to move to a bigger house, to make sure there is room for all their stuff!


Happy Chanukah! to everyone!