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WordPress iPhone App

Just a quick test of the WP iPhone app. First complaint, can’t choose an existing category.

Edit: Apparently, you can choose categories. I had to delete and reinstall to get it to pick up the categories.

Scheduled Downtime

Dreamhost is moving the machine my site is hosted on to a new data center (ooooh.. shiny new digs!).  Therefore, the site will be down starting at 2200 Pacific on Friday the 8th, and going till at least 0600 Pacific on the 9th.


Dreamhost has had some issues the last day or so, resulting in sporadic uptime for anything hosted there…including this site… Sorry bout that..


Made the jump to WordPress tonight.  Stuff is probably broke ;)  the WordPress importer seems to have worked, looks like all of the “old” site’s stuff is here.. permalinks to the old stuff are going to result in 404 errors… I took the “easy” way out and didn’t spend all night trying to re-write the .htaccess to do the redirects..

Missing In Action the posts have been.. well non-existant lately..

Blame really.. I got the expansion pack for World Of Warcraft.. and now I’ve been:

A) Trying to get my Mage to 70 (He’s almost 67 now)

B) Get my Rogue to 70 (She’s 56, I’ve stopped leveling her to concentrate on the Mage)

C) Farm up lots of gold to be able to afford a flying mount in 3 levels (not looking good so far)

D) Level up my poor ignored Druid (she’s like 26 now)

E) Level up my new Dranei (they’re in there low 20s)

F) Started a new guild…need to start recruiting soon so there are more then just the founding people in it.

I’m going to try and get better at lots of stuff I should have posted about what the kids have been up to.

We’re Back!

You may, or may not have noticed.. but, I had some issues today with site up time. What started out as a quick upgrade to MT3.31 while the kids were napping.. turned into a 3 hour adventure.

Seems either the download I was getting from Sixapart was corrupted, or, it was getting corrupted every time I tried to transfer it up to the webserver. Everytime I’d try and extract it, I’d get errors about the tar file not being valid tar file. Did a Google for the error I was getting, and found someone who had the same problem, a year or so ago. Tried his solution (which was to decompress the archive file from Sixapart on my machine locally, then tar/gz it and upload it).

For posterity, and in case anyone else runs into the same error, here’s what it was:

tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers

It worked.. and we’re back! I took advantage of the downtime to change to a new SQL server, that is actually running on the same hardware as the server, so hopefully response time on the dynamic pages will be a little faster.

Drop me a line if something looks funky, or isn’t working the way it should be. I had to make some minor changes to the templates and CSS sheet to include support for tags (not that I plan on using them, but..just in case).

Movable Type 3.31

The upgrade has been out for a bit, I didn’t have any problems with the Betas. So, I’ll be upgrading in the next few days. There will be downtime for the site while I do this, as I’ll be moving to a new SQL server when I make the move.

Site Down Time

We were down for a bit yesterday… technical problems on Dreamhost’s end.. seems it was a case of “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong”. I think we were down for about four hours.. so if you tried to reach any of the sites I host here.. they were not working.. sorry bout that..

MovableType Beta 3

Beta 3 of MovableType was released the other day.. this version fixed the only bug I’d found in the beta (Category view wouldn’t populate with any entries). I’d posted about it over on the MT support forums, and they confirmed it and fixed it right up.

It looks like the current date they want to release MT3.3 as a non-beta product is going to be June 27th. But, as seamless and problem free as the upgrades have been going on my test site… it shouldn’t cause any downtime when I upgrade over here…


The new version of Movable Type (currently Beta), supports tags. Like or technocrati. And from the rave comments over on the MT beta site’s entry on tags (which, by the way, is a very good explanation of tags vs categories).. it would appear that this is a good thing..

I say appear..because.. I don’t get it.. MT already has categories/sub-categories.. tags seem to add another layer of (unneeded in my opinion) keywording to your entry..seems to be a lot of Database bloat.

are tags ‘cool’ just because they are part of the whole web 2.0 craze? You know, something every has to have because they want to say their in on Web 2.0? Cuz..really.. I don’t see the need.. luckily for me.. 6A is making tagging optional in 3.3 so, if you don’t want to use don’t have to.

Am I missing the boat? is there a compelling reason to ‘tag’ in addition to categorizing (and sub-categorizing) your site?