64-Bit adblocking goodness

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, I’ve had to use firefox as my main web browser and it’s performance has been getting worse and worse as each version comes out (too much feature bloat I think).

However, it had a functioning adblock addon, which the 64-Bit version of Safari did not have.  Yes, you could still use Safari AdBlock, but it required running Safari in 32 bit mode, which negated most of the speed improvements and other enhancements in the 64 bit version.  I’ve been watching the developer’s page for an official update to 64 bit goodness for the plugin, to no avail.

Yesterday, I found this set of instructions on google code, which details how to use a branch build of Safari Ad Block, and SIMBL to get 64 bit ad blocking goodness back.

Tried it this morning, and it works!  Time to go back to the fast browser as my default again!