The wi-fi only version of the iPad has convinced me to look into jail breaking my iPhone, so that I can tether the two and use the data plan I’m already paying ATT for. I know the app I need on the iPhone is MyWi from the rockyourphone app store, now I just need to find jail breaking software that works on iPhone 3.1.3 OS, since most that I’ve seen say they don’t work on anything above 3.1.2

iPad? iLove!

Ok, so it’s a cheesy title, but the sentiment is true. I reserved my iPad the day Apple started taking preorders/reserves. I joined the crowd of people lined up outside my closest Apple store Saturday morning, and within an hour I was on my way home with the latest bit of Appley goodness.

So far, it’s everything it was hyped up to be. I’m a bit disappointed in the pricing and selection in the bookstore. I know the selection will improve as time goes on though. I was hoping the books themselves would be a significant savings over the “physical” version, instead it seems to be only a few bucks cheaper. Apparently, the book publishers follow the RIAA business model of not adjusting pricing to reflect the reduced costs involved with digital distribution.

There was a decent selection of apps available on day 1, and all my existing iPhone apps appear to be working properly. I do hope Apple separates the App store out a bit more to make it easier to find iPad apps, although since it looks like Apple is hoping devs will just write universal versions of their apps that may not happen.

I’m submitting this via the iPad wordpress app, and so far it seems pretty slick, so kudos to the WP app guys for getting a updated version out on day 1, and taking advantage of the iPad’s screen (by the way videos look great on here).