Finally installed, and a rant about Cable TV in general.

So Comcast finally came out to install the HDTV Cable box today, after waiting a month for the appointment. I’m a little disappointed, instead of using the DVI connection between cable box and TV, the installer used the Component video. Now, granted, I don’t know everything about HDTV..but I’m pretty sure the DVI connection would have provided just a little bit better picture.. so I guess I need to find a DVI cable and give it a try.

That said, I’m also underwhelmed with the selection of HD channels Comcast offers in my area. Of my local networks, I’m offered NBC and FOX, which means I can’t watch most of the Broncos games in HD (They tend to be on CBS), nor can I watch CSI (also on CBS) in HD… hopefully, Comcast will improve their HD offering in the near future.

Picture quality is everything it’s hyped up to be though! Crystal Clear… a definite improvement over NTSC TV. If any of you haven’t seen a HD set showing an HD program..go to your local Best Buy, Sears, or some such place, and get a Demo.. its something that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate.

Now for that rant I mentioned:

Having switched from Dish Network to Comcast when we moved (no longer have line of sight to the satellites). I was used to Dish’s program guide and receiver functionality..I won’t even mention the loss of my DVR! but, here’s some comments on Comcast’s services:

I switched from Satellite TV (Dish Network) to Comcast Digital

cable. I have some questions regarding the electronic program guide

capabilities of Comcast’s digital cable.

1- With Dish Network (and I know DirecTV offers this as well) when

looking at the guide, there is an option to have a reduced size window

that allows you to still view the program you are currently watching,

while still browsing the guide. Is there a way to set my cable box up

to function like this? perhaps by getting rid of the advertisments that

take up about a third of the screen?

2- The EPG on Dish Network allowed customization to see only channels

that were subscribed to, favorite channels (several lists, each holding

approx 30 channels), or all channels. Is there anyway with the Comcast

guide to only see the channels I subscribe to? or for that matter, to

tell what channels I subscribe to when looking at the guide?

3- Is there any way to stop receiving the ‘messages’ that Comcast is

sending to the box? (the ones advertising PPV, etc…)

Comcast’s response when I emailed them these items?

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Comcast High Speed Internet

service. In order to properly assist you, it is necessary that you

supply more detailed information. Please send a chat message through our

Online Support Center at http://www.comcastsupport.com/sdcuser/asp/default.asp

or http://www.comcastsupport.com/sdcuser/asp/default.asp?direct=yes so

we can address your questions or concerns.

If you would like to speak to a customer care specialist, please call

in. You can get the number for your local area by going tohttps://www.comcast.com/Localization/default.asp?referer=/Support/ContactSupport.asp

and entering your zip code, then click on the submit button. Our

customer care specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a


Thank you for choosing Comcast High Speed Internet!

MORONS!!!!!!!! I expected to receive a reply that was simply a cut n’ paste from their list of answers..but the least they could have done was actually READ my email, so they could cut and paste from the answers relating to Cable TV. Anyone happen to have an email address for a Comcast executive just laying around they’d like to share with me?