Illegal Immigrants

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By now, I’m sure y’all have heard about all the illegal (and I suppose some legal) immigrants who are planning on not going to work on monday in an attempt to fight immigration reform.

Personally, I think its mighty damn nice of them to group themselves in one (ok several, since they’re doing it across the country) big spot.. ought to make it that much easier for INS, DHS, and Border Patrol to pick them up and ship them back home. I would love to see Media reports of there being big buses and trucks at each ‘rally’ point… and all the illegals that gathered being herded onto a bus and sent the hell home.


  1. Anonymous says:

    INS should ship you back to Nazi Germany.

  2. Dan says:

    “INS should ship you back to Nazi Germany.”

    Really? thats the most coherent reply you could come up with, even anonymously?

    you’re an idiot. Illegal immigrants are a drain on society…most of them refuse to learn english, they don’t pay their fair share of taxes and they use way more then thier share of welfare/medicare type benefits, they drive down the average wage in an area, because they’ll work for pennies. If they want to be here so bad.. let them go home, and apply for a visa to come here legally, that way they’ll actually have to contribute to society.

    The reference to Nazi germany is pointless.. I’m not saying kill ‘em.. I’m saying send their asses home..if they want to come live/work here.. they can get a visa like the legal, law abiding, immigrants have done. if you’re not here legally, you don’t deserve the basics that American society can provide..and for fuck’s sake..if you want to live in a country, whether is legally or illegally learn the main language spoken there!