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The new version of Movable Type (currently Beta), supports tags. Like del.icio.us or technocrati. And from the rave comments over on the MT beta site’s entry on tags (which, by the way, is a very good explanation of tags vs categories).. it would appear that this is a good thing..

I say appear..because.. I don’t get it.. MT already has categories/sub-categories.. tags seem to add another layer of (unneeded in my opinion) keywording to your entry..seems to be a lot of Database bloat.

are tags ‘cool’ just because they are part of the whole web 2.0 craze? You know, something every has to have because they want to say their in on Web 2.0? Cuz..really.. I don’t see the need.. luckily for me.. 6A is making tagging optional in 3.3 so, if you don’t want to use it..you don’t have to.

Am I missing the boat? is there a compelling reason to ‘tag’ in addition to categorizing (and sub-categorizing) your site?

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