Personal What?

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if you needed any proof that personal responsibility has gone right the hell out the window… take a look at this.

Yep… you read that right.. the jackass is suing the government..because he went out in the dark, to pee, and fell off a cliff….

Tucked into his lawsuit (Jerry Mersereau v. United States of America) is this succinct description of his misadventure: “While finding a place to relieve himself, plaintiff walked off the unguarded and unprotected cliff falling approximately 20 to 30 feet to the creek bed below.”

Now Mersereau wants the U.S. government to pay for his injuries and the “mental anguish” his fall has caused. He says the government should have known the cliff posed a danger to campers.

Posed a danger to campers? bout the government counter sues, because he should have known his ass can’t see in the dark and he should have brought a flashlight????

idiot…. what’s he’ll probably win his stupid lawsuit..thus, encouraging more people to do stupid stuff, and then sue someone else..

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