Mega Halloweeny Update!

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Its that time of year! Halloween..this is obviously, Maryn’s first, so she got to come along on the ‘traditional’ Halloween time festivities.

We started off with a trip to Anderson Farms which has become a ‘must do’ part of our halloween events. We thought we’d outsmart everyone else, and go on a weekday so there’d be fewer people there… yeah.. didn’t quite work the way we thought it would. Fewer ‘normal’ people were there….but TONS of daycare/school type people were there…

Maryn started out looking for her perfect pumpkin:


of course, Kael had to get in on the action:


One of the things that Janice likes to do when we go to Anderson Farms, is feed the goats

Maryn got in on the action this year:


She really liked the goat.


Not to be outdone, this year Kael decided he wanted to feed the goats too


(yes, he did find a goat that wasn’t fenced in to feed)

Both kids had a blast running around and playing while we were there, of course, Kael and I had to ride “the barrel train” (sure..Janice gets to feed goats.. I have to squeeze into a hole cut for a kid into a 55 gallon water drum)

Kael likes the corn maze..this one’s like a where’s waldo…can you find the runaway toddler in the picture?


The other trip that has become tradition, is to the Zoo for “Boo at the Zoo”. This year, we went with the kids’ cousin James:


And yes.. you’re right..we should be sending Pixar a bill for advertising services… Not on him in the picture, are his Cars’ sunglasses..

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