Burning Crusade Cinematic

Blizzard ‘premiered’ the opening cinematic to the Burning Crusade expansion the other night at the Video Game Awards.. I didn’t watch the show (and apparently, the video didn’t get a lot of camera time anyway)..but.. you can now view the cinematic yourself.. Blizzard’s download link is here. (DiVx format).

I love the way the Blood Elf is shown draining the Mana Wyrm… and the Mage sheeping the dude in mid air is funny too

Sexy Bikini!

Everyone loves a nice tiny bikini that shows off a lot of….

iPod.. (pervert!)

Just in time for the holidays, you too can now deck your iPod out in a nice sexy bikini! Pacific Design has iPod bikini’s for the iPod Video, and I think for the iPod Nano (no affiliation with them..just think they are sexy cases)

Free Adobe Creative Suite 3

Ok..technically, its the Beta version..and you have to already have a copy of an earlier version of CS (you need its serial number to register)…But, if you are running on an intel based Mac.. even the beta should perform better then the older versions through Rosetta

Adobe’s press release about it is here.

Download is supposed to be available from here. (I didn’t see a link to the download when I was writing this)