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Big 4!

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This past Thursday was Kael’s 4th birthday!

He decided he wanted ice cream for his birthday, then we loaded up everyone one and headed over to the water park for a good chunk of the day.  Both kids had a blast.  As is to be expected he got a big haul o’ stuff from all his family and friends when he had his party.  Our gift to him?  Bunk Beds… (we’re such boring parents huh?)


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Dreamhost has had some issues the last day or so, resulting in sporadic uptime for anything hosted there…including this site… Sorry bout that..

Apple Media Event Announcements

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The Apple store is still down as I write this, so no buying any of the new goodies yet..but, here’s what was announced today:

New iMacs, only available in 20 or 24″ screen sizes, new, thinner aluminum enclosure..the keyboard that has been floating around for a while (individual keys, looks kinda like a Macbook keyboard blown up to desktop size) is real.  Price points from $1199-$1799 for stock configurations.

Specs are:  Up to 2.4Ghz Core 2 Extreme processor, up to 4 Gigs of RAM, up to 1 Terabyte of Storage.. all have got FireWire 400/800 and some USB 2 ports..

Mac Mini was stealth upgraded today.. since the store is down, can’t tell you what changed (mentioned in the Q&A at the end of the event)

iLife was updated to ’08 today.. new iMovie that started out as another app and inherited the iMovie name (no, really.. thats what Steve said).

iWork got Numbers added to it, and updates for Pages and indicated by the name, Numbers is a spreadsheet app.

.Mac got some much needed love, one bit of which was updated to 10Gigs of disk space, instead of just 1.

Everything is available now (well, now being whenever the Apple Store comes up).

Mac Event

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I’m very disappointed with the Apple rumor community this weekend!  There is an Apple Event that is Mac related Tuesday morning.. and there is CRAP! for pre-release rumors/speculation..  Everyone (including myself) agrees the iMac will be updated, most likely with a new form factor… but there are no good rumors out there as to what the specs are, what it will look like, etc.. hell.. even the fakes are not very good this time around!