Gone to the Dark Side

Err.. sorry bout the lack of activity.. I’ve gone to the dark side of WoW and joined a Horde Guild.. so I’ve been busting my butt to get to 70 ASAP.  I did end up in a guild with a bunch of good people, so its been fun… even if I am being ‘evil’  😉

Mother of the Year Candidate

Yup, this one is definetely trying to win a mother of the year award.  Full Story Here .

Fun excerpts from the story:

The DA’s office says on August 31, Rosales drove in the alley in the 2900 block of Champa and Curtis with her two children, ages 9 and 10, riding on the hood of her car.

Prosecutors say the children then got off the car, and Rosales drove forward, pinning the 10-year-old under the rear tire.

See? a real winner..  Same category as the Grandmother who gave her 9 year old granddaughter gin!