WordPress iPhone App

Just a quick test of the WP iPhone app. First complaint, can’t choose an existing category.

Edit: Apparently, you can choose categories. I had to delete and reinstall to get it to pick up the categories.

Warhammer comes to Mac

Mythic announced yesterday that they are starting to Beta Warhammer online for the Mac (see here).  They’re not doing it the right way, since it’s not a native client.  They’re using Cider to wrap it, so it’ll have some issues, just like Eve Online does via Cider.  But, it’s better then nothing.  So, if you’re interested in it.. go download it and give it a shot.

Socialized Health Care is bad

tell your congress critter to vote no on ANY health care bill that socializes our health care.  Look at how “well” socialized care works in Canada…. they come down here and out of pocket their health care expenses, because they don’t want to wait a year for an MRI.  If we go to a fail system of health care it’ll screw up our Country AND Canada.