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Burning Crusade Cinematic

Blizzard ‘premiered’ the opening cinematic to the Burning Crusade expansion the other night at the Video Game Awards.. I didn’t watch the show (and apparently, the video didn’t get a lot of camera time anyway)..but.. you can now view the cinematic yourself.. Blizzard’s download link is here. (DiVx format).

I love the way the Blood Elf is shown draining the Mana Wyrm… and the Mage sheeping the dude in mid air is funny too

Caverns of Time

in preparation for the Burning Crusade expansion pack, Blizzard just released a major content patch this past Tuesday (and turned their normal maintenance into a scheduled 12 hour maintenance, that in turn ran for like 17 hours, that had to have some of the content they were trying to add removed so the servers could be brought back up)… anyway..the point isn’t that after two years Blizzard still can’t figure out how to patch their own game without breaking stuff..

Its that part of the new content they released, is that they ‘opened’ the Caverns of Time, a previously closed area… I wandered through there last night (and got lost for a bit), the graphics and scenery in there is amazing.. its way better then the rest of the ‘pre-expansion’ game.. and up to the same quality as the rest of the new content I’ve seen while beta’ing the expansion..