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More Geekiness

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And, as long as we’re being geeky talking about site related stuff…Dreamhost those lovable dudes that already provide me with way more disk space and bandwidth then I could ever possibly use (I think I could get slashdott’d and not go over my monthly bandwidth allotment), are now providing me with…. <drum roll>

Unlimited CPU time!

Yes.. thats right.. unlimited CPU time.. see.. this site is hosted on a shared server, which normally means that the web-host doesn’t want you hogging all the CPU cycles for yourself, so it gets capped at some reasonable amount (before the announcement, Dreamhost’s soft cap was 60minutes a day). Now, as long as you don’t adversely impact the other sites on your server.. you can use as much CPU time as you want!

Yay! CPU!

Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta!

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There is a new Beta version of Movable Type scheduled to be released next week (or, at least, that’s what this post over on the 6A Blog says). The linked post also gives some teases about the new features. Most interesting to me, is the improved anti-spam stuff, while the spam filters in 3.2 are good.. I’m still getting a lot of comment/trackback spam here.. granted.. it doesn’t ever (well.rarely ever) make it to a published state, so none of you see it..but its still there…

I’ll probably participate in this beta, like I did in the previous one.. which means this site will be safe, and I’ll create a second install to play’ll be fun!

Hmm.. I wonder if this means Jay Allen will finally put some information up on the site?

New Look

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Tada! Finally finished the new look for the blog. Pretty much just a color change, but, I also switched to using the default CSS classes for MovableType 3.2, it should make it easier for me to change the colors, borders, or Banner image whenever the mood strikes..

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think

Fixed, kind of

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Well..I’m back to being able to generate dynamically again..and, as you can see, I’m changing the site appearance as well.

Pretty much everything should be working now… I think… I’m still adjusting page layout, and I’m not sure I’m going to keep the color scheme..

but least I’ve unbroken whatever it was I broke…


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Err..somehow, I appear to have broken the ability to have my site generated dynamically… =(

Dunno what I did, but I’m looking into it… until I get it resolved, the site is on static generation of published hopefully, everything still works

If the site doesn’t look right to you, please make sure you’ve got index.html in your address bar (it should read

Dreamhost Love

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I’m really liking my decision to go with Dreamhost… it just keeps getting better and better..

I get an email from them today.. telling me that they have (again), increased both the disk space, and monthly bandwidth for my hosting plan.

My ‘old’ starting disk space was 4800MB… new starting disk space? 20GB! Yeah.. they went from a little over 4.5 gigs of disk space (on the starting, low end account) to 20 gigs of space.. Sweet…

But it gets better!

My ‘old’ starting bandwidth per month? 120 Gigs.. my new starting bandwidth? 1 Terabyte!

Double sweet!

I keep saying starting space/bandwidth.. because those folks over at Dreamhost keep bumping my space bandwidth.. each week that I’m a customer my bandwidth goes up by 8 Gigs, and the disk space goes up by uhh.. I think its 80 MB a week…

Quick.. go sign up!


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If you experienced any problems getting to the site on Monday.. my hosting company was the ‘lucky’ recipient of not one… but multiple (I think it was a total of 3) Distributed Denial of Service attacks.. this caused multiple problems ranging from sites being unavailable to problems with email.. but.. they seem to have gotten it under control..

does make you wonder who Dreamhost pissed off though huh?

I’m a Winner!

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No I didn’t just win a 340 million dollar lotto.. or even a 3 dollar lotto, heck.. I didn’t even win a 1 dollar scratch ticket….. way back in August, my happy web provider Dreamhost was running a contest to have people edit up a short video they put online.. the grand prize for their contest was free lifetime hosting – at one of their ‘lower’ plans (even their lowest plan gives me way more disk space and bandwidth then I can actually use)… Today, they announced the winners, and no.. I did not win the grand prize.. or even the 2nd place..or the 3rd place.. all of those went to people that actually knew what they were doing when editing the movie..I won the consolation prize.. a free year of hosting! (and yes.. the consolation prize is better then no prize at all.. so don’t think I’m complaining) So.. now I’m not only a happy Dreamhost customer.. I’m a happier Dreamhost customer…

Updates (or lack thereof)

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Blame World of Warcraft. My brother kept nagging I signed up with a 10 day trial…and while I’m not addicted.. I have been playing quite a bit during the trial, to determine if I want to upgrade and start paying for a subscription.

So far, my biggest complaint (and really, I have this same complaint about all online games) the game companies charge the same $50.00 (when the game is new) for a game you can only play via subscription (at $15.00 a month) as they do for the ‘single’ player games, or games that have an optional online multiplayer capability. C’mon.. if you’re going to charge a monthly fee.. sell the retail box for cheaper..since its worthless without paying the monthly fee!

Anyone know of a WoW mod to control iTunes for the Mac? all the ones I’ve been able to find so far are for winbloze…

Gallery Tryout

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One of the reasons I haven’t ever let my .Mac subscription expire, is the easy publishing of photos to a website. So far, I haven’t found anything that is as easy, and looks as good.. I think I may have found it…

A few weeks ago, my hosting provider (Dreamhost), added some software called Gallery to their “one-click installs”… I finally got around to installing it and giving it a try… my ‘trial’ gallery is located here.

There’s only like 8 pictures in it, but..take a look at let me know what you think.

So far, my thoughts are that the iPhoto/.Mac is still a bit better (more themes, easier to use), but, Gallery has its advantages to (I can set it up so that Janice can upload to the same gallery as me, something that can’t be done under .Mac (unless I give her my password)