Rolling Over!

Another big first for Kael… he rolled over tonight! (And he got to rock out on an iPod!)

At first we thought we were losing our minds. We know we put him to sleep on his back, but twice when we went to feed him overnight, he was laying on his tummy. So we spent the day trying to get him to roll over for us, and of course, he wouldn’t. So tonight while we were getting him ready for bed, he rolled over, like 3 times in a row!

As a reward for rolling over, and since he was in such a good mood, we decided to let him listen to an iPod for a little while (ok..ok… mostly it was so we could take yet another cute picture of him!)


In case you were wondering, the song he was listening to was “The Man Without Fear” by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie, off of the Daredevil Soundtrack

<— If this works right, you should be able to listen to the song.

Cheap Microsoft Software

Looks like someone finally found a way to purchase a version of MS Windows for its actual value!

If you haven’t already seen the link click here . (CNNMoney)

Seems some folks in Malaysia have decided that Micro$oft’s still in development “Longhorn” version of windows (originally scheduled for release in like ’04, now scheduled for ’06 if M$ is lucky). For 6 ringgit, which works out to less then 2 dollars (about $1.58) in US currency… close to what Windows is actually worth..but still over priced by about a $1.57 if you ask me!

Topping the Tree and Zoo Lights

So last night, we finished decorating the tree. And then took Kael to see Zoo lights at the Zoo (as opposed to Zoo lights at the Car dealership! =) )

After decorating the tree, we decided to put the real tree topper on there (Figuring someone is bound to complain if we leave Kael attached to the tree!)… Of course, we let Kael help:


After we topped the tree, we headed out to Zoo lights, since Kael loves to see the lights flashing, and he was definitely thrilled with the light show.. his eyes were darting everywhere trying to look at all the lights! A good time was had by all..

Shoppers Go Grazy!

A sure sign that people are insane on the day after Thanksgiving…

If you haven’t seen it already here’s a link to a story on Read it? Good… now can I just say how utterly PATHETIC people have become? Trampling an old lady just to save 20 bucks on a DVD player? I’m all for saving money, and getting a good deal. But you know what? Not even stopping to help a lady avoid getting trampled by a bunch of insane consumers has got to be an all time low. Especially when you consider that the stuff on sale in the ads for friday was the exact same stuff that all these places have had on sale for the last 2 months.. and will probably have on sale for the next 2 months… no real huge deals.. and definitely nothing worth getting trampled for!

Putting the Tree Together

So last night, Kael and I finished putting the tree together..

After assembling it, we thought it would be a good idea to see how the Tree Topper would look, before we started decorating the tree with lights and the rest of that Christmas stuff…


After thinking it over… we figured Kael might be a bit uncomfortable hanging from the tree for the next 6 weeks or so.. so I guess we’ll have to go get a more traditional tree topper.

1st Thanksgiving

So today was Kael’s first Thanksgiving, of course, being only a little over 3 months old.. he’s going through a lot of firsts. We went to Janice’s parent’s house last night for dinner with her family. Today, Janice cooked a Turkey for us, and then we went to my mom’s house for desert with my family. Kael, of course, didn’t get any turkey..since he’s not ready for solid food yet. Kael started to help me put Janice’s Christmas tree up…. and then fell asleep. So we’re waiting till tomorrow to finish assembling the tree. Hopefully, he’ll stay awake long enough to get his picture taken as he “helps” decorate the tree. As a quick, cute gift for all the relatives, we made little cards with turkeys on them, using Kael’s hand as the turkey.. So here’s Kael and Janice, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!