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6 month Pic

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I hadn’t downloaded the pics from the camera when I made yesterday’s post about Maryn’s birthday… here’s a pic of her at 6 months..


Odd Job

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And you thought your job sucked… here’s a help wanted ad that sucks.. literally!

It seems a company in the UK is looking for volunteers to help them test a pill that changes the taste of “male ejaculate” to a “refreshing apple flavor”

my favorite bad pun from the linked article:

“will use an online blog to provide a blow-by-blow account”

ugh..thats worse then something I would have come up with!

Those interested can follow this link to apply.

The big 0.5

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Today is Maryn’s 6 month birthday!


Monday we took her to the Dr’s for her 6 month checkup (it would have been mean to do it today, since she had to get some shots, no one wants shots on their birthday!)

13lbs 7oz , 24 1/2 inches, with a 43cm head!

In good health, now that her refulx is under control.. and developing excellently! plus, now that that whole pertussis thing is over.. she’s happy =)

To Estimate the Song

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Found this over on Jodi’s site..and it seems entertaining, so why not?

Here’s the instructions:

1. Randomly pick a song from your music library (I just set iTunes to randomize, and then hit play…took a couple tries to actually get a song with words in it, kept picking songs from Lord of the Rings or Star Wars)

2. Find the Lyrics for the first 4 versus/chorus

3. Translate from English into German

4. Translate the German into French

5. Translate the French back into English.

6. Post the Lyrics, and see if people can guess the song.

Here are the lyrics from my randomly selected song:

Body of a monkey and feet of a cock,

Trailed of their house on the rock of setting in death,

black Chien which dies futile over time,

of the devil in a cat and in the brain of the baby,

end – end of the American,

end – end of the American,

end – end that American witch,

only on the hill and to prepare, to die,

it cancer of blackening – the eye to blacken,

the marking of Wolf and the sign of calf,

of the angels purges on raft,

all request from us downwards for 20 innocent,

all folded us 20 innocent,

all hang to us to the bottom a height – 20 innocent,

we show would all – 20 innocent,

end – the end of the American,

the end – end of the American,

end – the end that the knowledge you like the witch American,

where her dreams come? Some of represented that the faith and some aucuns do not have shown.

So..there you have it. I’ll post what song it is tomorrow, or maybe tuesday.

EDIT: The song was American Witch, by Rob Zombie

MovableType Beta 3

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Beta 3 of MovableType was released the other day.. this version fixed the only bug I’d found in the beta (Category view wouldn’t populate with any entries). I’d posted about it over on the MT support forums, and they confirmed it and fixed it right up.

It looks like the current date they want to release MT3.3 as a non-beta product is going to be June 27th. But, as seamless and problem free as the upgrades have been going on my test site… it shouldn’t cause any downtime when I upgrade over here…

Child Birth

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So all I hear is how painful childbirth is.. “oh the pain, oh the suffering” and it turns out.. its all a lie!

Your secret is out.. the media has leaked your secret that childbirth, is, in fact orgasmic for y’all.

Here’s the article, so you guys can find whichever girl leaked the truth, ruining centuries of having the “But I went through hours of labor” guilt line, and thank her for ruining it for you.

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“All my erogenous zones were stimulated. And I had a definite climax. I was doing the most feminine thing a woman can do and it felt fantastic.”

Father’s Day

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Yesterday was Father’s Day. (duh!)

Kael planned the whole day out for our party. We started with a breakfast, made completely by Kael (Waffles and Bacon!).. followed by a trip to the park to feed some ducks and play. Maryn went down the slides a few times.. then it was off to McDonald’s for lunch (and to try and get any of the Cars happy meal toys he doesn’t already have). After nap time.. we headed on up to Lowe’s to try and find a bug zapper.. no bug zapper =( Then we just hung around the house and played until dinner (steak!)…

A very good Father’s Day!

Bug Zapper

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How come I can’t buy a good old fashioned plug it in, watch the bugs fly into the light and get zapped bug zapper? I’ve been trying to find one for weeks now to replace one I can’t find the power cord for.

Wal-mart should have it right? they sell everything… Nope.. they stopped carrying them last year.

Target – they have what wally world doesn’t…. Nope.. they looked at me like I was insane..

Home Depot – Everything you need for your home… EXCEPT bug zappers… Oddly enough.. you can buy replacement bug zapper light bulbs from Home Depot…

C’mon.. why is this so hard? All I want to do is electrocute some bugs dammit!

I know I could get a bug spray.. but that just doesn’t have the same fun factor that zapping them does…


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The new version of Movable Type (currently Beta), supports tags. Like or technocrati. And from the rave comments over on the MT beta site’s entry on tags (which, by the way, is a very good explanation of tags vs categories).. it would appear that this is a good thing..

I say appear..because.. I don’t get it.. MT already has categories/sub-categories.. tags seem to add another layer of (unneeded in my opinion) keywording to your entry..seems to be a lot of Database bloat.

are tags ‘cool’ just because they are part of the whole web 2.0 craze? You know, something every has to have because they want to say their in on Web 2.0? Cuz..really.. I don’t see the need.. luckily for me.. 6A is making tagging optional in 3.3 so, if you don’t want to use don’t have to.

Am I missing the boat? is there a compelling reason to ‘tag’ in addition to categorizing (and sub-categorizing) your site?


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Pixar’s Cars opened on Friday. So, we bundled Kael up in his Cars Pullup, his Cars tennis shoes, his Cars shorts, his Cars shirt, his Cars backpack..and of course.. his Cars sunglasses (you seeing a trend here?), and headed off to the theater.

We were a bit worried..since Kael wouldn’t sit through the last movie we tried to take him to see (Curious George)..but.. he did great! sat through the whole thing.. got a bit antsy towards the end since it was a long movie..but he loved it.

I don’t see why it was getting lukewarm reviews from some critics (well..except for the fact that I’m convinced that in order to be a movie critic.. you have to not like movies, and know nothing about what makes a good movie). Cars was a good fun movie..I don’t think it was as good as The Incredibles..but it was easily up there with Finding Nemo/Bug’s Life/Toy Story.

Believable characters..good story… a few “adult” jokes.. of course there was Excellent CGI (Duh!).. even has a decent soundtrack (with score on it from Randy Newman of course).. I should know.. Kael’s been wanting to listen to the soundtrack non-stop since we got it.

Kael’s favorite parts were (of course) the racing scenes..and he liked the tractor tipping.. he was a bit bored with the “love story” portion of it (That’s my boy.. fast action and tractor tipping!) but he liked the movie alot. Maryn seemed to like the car races too..but, thats probably more for all the colors that were flashing on the screen.

My only complaint is that the “I Killed a baby bumble bee” scene from the original trailer wasn’t actually in the movie… oh well..maybe on the DVD.

Also entertaining, was the short bit after the movie ended.. where pixar pokes a bit of fun at themselves through Car versions of Toy Story, Bug’s Life, and Monster’s Inc.

If you haven’t seen it already… go see it!