We’re Back!

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You may, or may not have noticed.. but, I had some issues today with site up time. What started out as a quick upgrade to MT3.31 while the kids were napping.. turned into a 3 hour adventure.

Seems either the download I was getting from Sixapart was corrupted, or, it was getting corrupted every time I tried to transfer it up to the webserver. Everytime I’d try and extract it, I’d get errors about the tar file not being valid tar file. Did a Google for the error I was getting, and found someone who had the same problem, a year or so ago. Tried his solution (which was to decompress the archive file from Sixapart on my machine locally, then tar/gz it and upload it).

For posterity, and in case anyone else runs into the same error, here’s what it was:

tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers

It worked.. and we’re back! I took advantage of the downtime to change to a new SQL server, that is actually running on the same hardware as the server, so hopefully response time on the dynamic pages will be a little faster.

Drop me a line if something looks funky, or isn’t working the way it should be. I had to make some minor changes to the templates and CSS sheet to include support for tags (not that I plan on using them, but..just in case).

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