1st Birthday!

Today is Maryn’s 1st Birthday! We had her party with family and friends back on the 16th, so everyone would have a little break between birthday and the holidays. Today, we took her to Build-A-Bear to make a new stuffed animal.. she chose a dog (she’s quite the little dog person).


quite the little Princess huh?


And this is Kael giving Maryn’s new puppy a bath at Build a Bear..

Hard to believe she’s already one….this year has just flown by!


Maryn’s first Christmas! As has become our tradition, we went over to Jan’s parents’ house to exchange gifts with her family on Christmas eve, then did our gifts and the gifts from Santa on Christmas morning at our house.

The kids’ increased their holiday haul pretty significantly after the trip to the grandparents:


Look..matching PJs!


opening that morning haul

She failed a what test?

You know.. sometimes you find the strangest things on the internet.. for example.. did you know that there was a Gender test? and, that its possible to fail it?

Its true… read this.

Yup.. failed the gender test.. so, does that mean she doesn’t have a gender? wouldn’t a gender test just have two results, Male or Female? Not pass/fail?


For Chanukah this year, the kids lit the Menorah (well..Kael did, Maryn is still a little to small to be playing with fire)

We went over to my mom’s to exchange gifts, as is expected..the kids made out like Bandits.. at this rate, we’re going to need to move to a bigger house, to make sure there is room for all their stuff!


Happy Chanukah! to everyone!

Burning Crusade Cinematic

Blizzard ‘premiered’ the opening cinematic to the Burning Crusade expansion the other night at the Video Game Awards.. I didn’t watch the show (and apparently, the video didn’t get a lot of camera time anyway)..but.. you can now view the cinematic yourself.. Blizzard’s download link is here. (DiVx format).

I love the way the Blood Elf is shown draining the Mana Wyrm… and the Mage sheeping the dude in mid air is funny too

Sexy Bikini!

Everyone loves a nice tiny bikini that shows off a lot of….

iPod.. (pervert!)

Just in time for the holidays, you too can now deck your iPod out in a nice sexy bikini! Pacific Design has iPod bikini’s for the iPod Video, and I think for the iPod Nano (no affiliation with them..just think they are sexy cases)

Free Adobe Creative Suite 3

Ok..technically, its the Beta version..and you have to already have a copy of an earlier version of CS (you need its serial number to register)…But, if you are running on an intel based Mac.. even the beta should perform better then the older versions through Rosetta

Adobe’s press release about it is here.

Download is supposed to be available from here. (I didn’t see a link to the download when I was writing this)

Caverns of Time

in preparation for the Burning Crusade expansion pack, Blizzard just released a major content patch this past Tuesday (and turned their normal maintenance into a scheduled 12 hour maintenance, that in turn ran for like 17 hours, that had to have some of the content they were trying to add removed so the servers could be brought back up)… anyway..the point isn’t that after two years Blizzard still can’t figure out how to patch their own game without breaking stuff..

Its that part of the new content they released, is that they ‘opened’ the Caverns of Time, a previously closed area… I wandered through there last night (and got lost for a bit), the graphics and scenery in there is amazing.. its way better then the rest of the ‘pre-expansion’ game.. and up to the same quality as the rest of the new content I’ve seen while beta’ing the expansion..


TiVoToGo – Mac Edition

One of my favorite vaporware products, is Tivo’s TivoToGo for the Mac.

TiVo first introduced TivoToGo almost 2 years ago for windows. And, like many companies, they immediately announced that they were still working on the Mac version, and, it would be available “Soon”.

2 years later… nuthin, not even a crappy beta that only works once every week.. not a peep from them, any questions about it receive the “we’re still hard at work on it, it’ll be available soon.” response.

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Say What?

Here’s a headline I bet you never thought you would see:

Paris Hilton cancels appearance over ‘objectionable’ jokes

Yeah… you read that right… the girl who’s “career” was pretty much started based on ‘objectionable’ material (you know, her infamous video work), is objecting to jokes that were written for her to tell..

My guess? They wanted her to make fun of her new best friend Brittany…complete with her exposing her self (never seen such an ugly c-section scar) to anyone that wanted to (or, didn’t want to) see it over the Thanksgiving weekend (I’m not linking to those pictures.. but, they’re really not hard to find)

Could it be, Miss “Anyone can spend the night in the Hilton” Paris is trying to reform herself? maybe remake her slut image?