TiVoToGo – Mac Edition

One of my favorite vaporware products, is Tivo’s TivoToGo for the Mac.

TiVo first introduced TivoToGo almost 2 years ago for windows. And, like many companies, they immediately announced that they were still working on the Mac version, and, it would be available “Soon”.

2 years later… nuthin, not even a crappy beta that only works once every week.. not a peep from them, any questions about it receive the “we’re still hard at work on it, it’ll be available soon.” response.

Well.. Guess what? Soon is now!

Only, it isn’t TiVo that released it. The “hacker” community has come through again. Full instructions are available on ZatzNotFunny. Essentially, you need to use a little elbow grease and some command line work. There is a Intel based Mac version that has an automator workflow included…And, you can’t use Quicktime or iMovie to view the TiVo files.

Basic version of instructions:

Go here and download and compile the sourcecode for TiVo Decode (or, get one of the pre-compiled binaries.

Compile the binary (if necessary)

Set your TiVo Box to allow transfers on TiVo’s website. Get your MAK and write it down too

Browse to your TiVo’s IP addy, select which shows you want to download.

After download, run TivoDecode!

You can now use VLC or MPlayer to watch content on your Mac, or, convert for use on your iPod

Maybe now I’ll finally be able to get caught up on this season of Battlestar Galactica!