Missing In Action

Ok..so the posts have been.. well non-existant lately..

Blame Blizzard..no really.. I got the expansion pack for World Of Warcraft.. and now I’ve been:

A) Trying to get my Mage to 70 (He’s almost 67 now)

B) Get my Rogue to 70 (She’s 56, I’ve stopped leveling her to concentrate on the Mage)

C) Farm up lots of gold to be able to afford a flying mount in 3 levels (not looking good so far)

D) Level up my poor ignored Druid (she’s like 26 now)

E) Level up my new Dranei (they’re in there low 20s)

F) Started a new guild…need to start recruiting soon so there are more then just the founding people in it.

I’m going to try and get better at updating..got lots of stuff I should have posted about what the kids have been up to.