2,000,000 Leopards on the loose!

Friday, October 26th at 6:00pm, Apple unleashed Leopard (OS X 10.5) on us…after about two years of development.

Since then, they have announced that they have shipped (either as sales or via Maintenance Agreements) 2,000,000 copies.. thats a lot of kitty kats on the loose.

I ran to my local Apple store, and grabbed my copy on release night.. then came running home to install it.

Completly ignoring all the ‘witch doctor’ advice that you receive from various Mac forums (stupid stuff like “never do the default upgrade”, repair permissions multiple times, disconnect peripherals, etc.. etc..) I booted from the install DVD and clicked the Upgrade button.. about 50 minutes later.. I was rebooting into all the Leopardy goodness I could handle.

First thing I noticed.. Apple decided to change my desktop background.  While I actually like the space shot background they chose for me.. I’m still not thinking they should go around changing backgrounds on people all willy nilly.

Desktop icons are much improved..Apple makes an effort to give the icon a much better representation of the item (text documents, show their formatting (paragraphs, etc) in the icon.. and if you squint real hard, you can even make out the text in some).

New icons are passed around (folders, System Preferences, and some others), and it looks pretty shiny.. I like the new dock’s appearance on the bottom, and think it looks worse on the sides.

Overall so far, I’m very impressed.. definitely worth the upgrade cost.  Ars Technica does their normally thorough review on it.

Toddler Wisdom 21

Conversation with Kael:

Mommy: Kael stop stomping in the kitchen.

Kael: You mean I can’t run in the kitchen?

Mommy:  I wish you wouldn’t.

Kael: Well, that’s what you can wish when it’s your birthday then.

Kael: If I don’t stop doing it, I guess it didn’t work.

They did what?

From the ‘not something you see every day’ category. Shortly after the kids woke up from nap today, a couple fire trucks pulled up to the townhouses across the street.. being good neighbors, we of course, immediately ran outside to see what they were there for.

Here’s what all the excitement was about:


Its a fuzzy shot, had to use the cell phone’s camera as the ‘big’ camera’s batteries were dead..but, as you can see, its a Jeep Cherokee in someone’s living room.

Not sure what happened, as we couldn’t find anyone who actually ‘saw’ it.. seems that a teenager, learning to drive, confused her peddles.. hit the gas, and my guess is she panicked when the car went forward when she thought it was stopping, and then floored it..up the stairs, through the window, and into the fireplace.. fortunately , no one was home at the time.

Future Kael

Its always refreshing when the local news does a story you can relate to.  Our’s ran this story the other day.  Thanks to them, I know what to expect in the near future from Kael.

Favorite Quote from the article:

Police say the child decided he wanted to get lunch at Applebee’s, and went out to the car and moved his child seat from the back of the car to the driver’s seat. He then grabbed the keys to the car and started backing up, roughly 47 feet.

Well, at least he knew he needed his carseat… hope he got it installed correctly…

Guide to the Dark Side

On my voyage to the dark side (I switched to play on the horde side, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about).  I’ve been following a leveling guide to make my run to 70 as quick as possible.  Its worked out real good.. I’m not setting an records with my leveling, but I am leveling faster then I have before (the no records, is because the guy that wrote the guide, set them all).  I’m using Joana Mancow’s leveling guide, which can be found here.  Yes, its a paid guide, but its worth it.

And yes, is a referral link.. look..there’s even a pretty banner!


Christmas Time!

At least, according to Wal-Mart and JCPenny’s.. its Christmas time already!

We were in both over the weekend (that’d be when the Calendar still said “September”).  And Wal-Mart already had more Christmas decorations up then they did Halloween related items (including the costumes).  JCPenny’s had set out their Christmas stuff as well… Apparently, Halloween and Thanksgiving are not important enough to not have to ‘share’ their shopping time with the all mighty moneygrab…err.. I mean Christmas.

Hey.. Wal-Mart and Penney’s!  Why even bother taking down the christmas stuff this year? you might be able to grab an extra couple thousand dollars total if you left it up all year!

Sadly..since retailers are putting their Christmas stuff up earlier and earlier each year.. I honestly think it will get to the point, that it does just never come down before much longer..