They did what?

From the ‘not something you see every day’ category. Shortly after the kids woke up from nap today, a couple fire trucks pulled up to the townhouses across the street.. being good neighbors, we of course, immediately ran outside to see what they were there for.

Here’s what all the excitement was about:


Its a fuzzy shot, had to use the cell phone’s camera as the ‘big’ camera’s batteries were dead..but, as you can see, its a Jeep Cherokee in someone’s living room.

Not sure what happened, as we couldn’t find anyone who actually ‘saw’ it.. seems that a teenager, learning to drive, confused her peddles.. hit the gas, and my guess is she panicked when the car went forward when she thought it was stopping, and then floored it..up the stairs, through the window, and into the fireplace.. fortunately , no one was home at the time.