Bad Bioware, Bad!

Go stand in the corner till you learn some manners!

As you may, or may not, know Bioware is developing a MMO set in the Star Wars universe. Specifically, in the Old Republic era that their Knights of The Old Republic game was set in (300 years after KOTOR to be precise).  Bioware has stated on multiple occasions that they were going to attempt to follow Blizzard’s model with WoW (as far as system requirements go), in order to make the game playable by as many people as possible.  They had been dodging questions about Mac support for quite awhile.  Last week at Comic-Con they announced (via a Q&A Session with IGN, you can read the whole thing here) that they were not making a Mac version.  The fact that BW is choosing to intentionally limit their potential market by not making a Mac version isn’t my big complaint (I think that’s bad, and if they’d made a Mac version, I’d play it).  Really, I’m complaining about how they did it, here’s the relevant quote from the IGN article:

IGN: This is another very popular question regarding console or Mac versions of The Old Republic… there are a lot of Mac fans I’ve discovered in these questions — any thoughts on that?

Dallas Dickinson: That’s why Boot Camp was invented.

As you can see, it was done as a very flippant aside, in what could actually be taken (and was by some) as an insulting manner.

Bad form BW, bad form… at the very least, you guys should make a public apology for the manner in which the information was provided.