Warcraft – 3.2

Today is patch day!

Patch 3.2 “The Call of the Crusader” hit the live servers this morning, which means, of course, that Blizzard has extended maintenance beyond the normal end time.  They currently estimate that realms will be up and playable by 1500 PDT.  My guess, is that they’ll actually be up and playable around 1900 PDT.

So far, I’m most looking forward to the increased speed of the non-epic flying mounts. Hopefully, it’ll feel fast enough, that I won’t feel the need to spend 5,000 gold (each) on all my alts to get the epic flying.  I’ll have more comments after I can actually get into the game (after work tonight) and try some of the new things out.

Patch notes, if you haven’t seen them already are on the next page, they’re kinda long. Continue reading Warcraft – 3.2