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watch this.

Whether you agree with the reasons we are fighting in the Middle East or not.  The Men and Women in our Armed Forces who are putting their lives on the line every day deserve your support.

Freedom isn’t Free.  I am glad that there are men and women out there willing to pay the cost.

Time for a Change

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Looks like its time to change blogging software..

In addition to not having updated Movable Type in ages… SixApart has apparently been busy censoring the users of their LiveJournal service.

Of course they are saying they were trying to ‘protect the children’…’s a newsflash for you.. I don’t need, or WANT you to ‘protect’ my kids…I’m a parent..thats my job… Your censorship has cost you a customer.. I’m going to actively look into switching to another blogging software… probably wordpress..

(and yes..I get the irony in ‘actively’ looking for blogging software for a blog that is less then active…but I’m going to start blogging more again…for real this time)

Oh Well…still a lot of Bacon

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By now, you’ve heard about the 1100 pound ‘feral’ hog killed by an 11 year old way back at the beginning of May..

Turns out… the feral hog.. wasn’t so feral… seems the hog’s name was Fred.. and the ‘hunting’ area… was a large fenced in area..

Foxnews has some more details about Fred…

Feral or not.. an 1100 pound pig will make a lot of Bacon and Ham….

VA Tech fallout

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Didn’t take long, on the same day as the shootings, the Anti-Gun Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy started trying to leverage the incident into a political grandstanding act for her Anti-gun legislation (she’s the anti-freedom person responsible for trying to renew the about to sunset gun ban, and she’s trying to modify it to include as many firearms as she can)

You can view her initial grandstanding attempt on her website here.

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He used a What???

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Ok, I’m all for creativity and finding new ways to do things..but.. seriously.. this?

I mean, really? A torch? to rob a bank? You’re kidding right? I mean what’s the guy going to do if someone has a large glass of water? or a coke? or anything liquid?

I think the really sad part of this… is that the dude got away!

Kids are Cheap

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No really, apparently the market for slightly used children just isn’t what it used to be.. Seems an illegal alien sold her kid for $10,000…so she’d have a down payment for a car (and of all things, a Dodge Intrepid). You’d think if you’re going to get your car money by selling your kid you’d A) Get more then $10,000. B) get something cooler then an Intrepid… and C) drive said newly purchased car very far away, as fast as you can…so you don’t get caught for selling your kid..

Truth vs Fiction

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You can’t make this stuff up..

Imagine..sitting at home, minding your own business.. when suddenly some dude busts through your front door and starts beating you with a bat… sound like the plot for any of two or three dozen Hollywood B-movies? Well..its not..

Happened to this dude here. And it gets stranger.. after beating him with a bat.. the attacker realized he was in the wrong house..stops..and apologizes before running out..

from the article:

The attacker, described as white man in his 20s, then apologized, saying that he was at the wrong house and that he was looking for someone else.

Smack! Pow! Crunch! “ the way are you Tom?”

“Nope, name’s Jim”

“Damn.. sorry dude… wrong house.. no hard feelings?”

New Babysitter!

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Silly me..every time Janice and I have wanted to go out, we’ve actually made sure we found someone to watch the kids… apparently, all we needed was a roll of duct least..according to this article, its what one lady in Florida decided would make a good babysitter…

We’ll have to try that next time we go out…

Pirate Name

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Arrrrr! Me Mateys.. don’t forget to be talkin like a Pirate T’day…. and get yer own pirate name here ya lazy land lubber!

My pirate name is:
Bloody Sam Flint

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. Like the rock flint, you’re hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you’re easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

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Pirate Day

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Tuesday September 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”… so… talk like your a pirate that day (duh!).

This is especially true for those in customer service fields… when you answer a phone in your call center it should be “Arrrrr me matey…what do you want?”