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Mega Halloweeny Update!

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Its that time of year! Halloween..this is obviously, Maryn’s first, so she got to come along on the ‘traditional’ Halloween time festivities.

We started off with a trip to Anderson Farms which has become a ‘must do’ part of our halloween events. We thought we’d outsmart everyone else, and go on a weekday so there’d be fewer people there… yeah.. didn’t quite work the way we thought it would. Fewer ‘normal’ people were there….but TONS of daycare/school type people were there…

Maryn started out looking for her perfect pumpkin:


of course, Kael had to get in on the action:


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Little Photographer

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Kael’s been taking pictures like crazy with his new camera…the quality of the pics isn’t bad, and he’s actually taking some good shots! here are a few he’s taken:

Of the elephant at the Zoo:


And of his sister at the Zoo:


And his favorite…the digger at the zoo:


Toddler Wisdom 18

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We don’t walk up the slide daddy

This pear of wisdom came from Kael. Right after I had attempted to walk up the slide while holding Maryn. And, of course, I slipped about 3/4s of the way up the slide, and came tumbling down to the sound of a laughing toddler, who, between fits of laughter, reminded me that we don’t go UP the slide.

Birthday Time!

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We had Kael’s 3rd Birthday party today… most of his friends that we invited cancelled out at the last minute… but, he still had fun!

Most of his loot was in the form of Cars stuff, since he loves that movie and the toys.


He had a blast opening his presents.. and, like any three year old.. after each present, we got “More! More! I want to open more!”

His grandparents bought a bouncehouse to use for his party (and for his party next year, and Maryn’s parties..etc..), which he loved.. had to fight to get him out of there to eat lunch..


His big hit (at least, we’re assuming it was the big hit) was his very own digital camera! Fisher-Price makes these new cameras that are “kid-ready” they look like view-finders, have a thick rubber casing on them, and only shoot in 640×480 resolution.. .which is good.. because now, maybe we won’t have to fight to keep our Canon EOS 20D away from him (although, he does take some really good pictures with it) Once we get him setup with his own copy of iPhoto, I’ll upload some of the pictures he’s taken.

One last birthday party pic:


Father’s Day

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Yesterday was Father’s Day. (duh!)

Kael planned the whole day out for our party. We started with a breakfast, made completely by Kael (Waffles and Bacon!).. followed by a trip to the park to feed some ducks and play. Maryn went down the slides a few times.. then it was off to McDonald’s for lunch (and to try and get any of the Cars happy meal toys he doesn’t already have). After nap time.. we headed on up to Lowe’s to try and find a bug zapper.. no bug zapper =( Then we just hung around the house and played until dinner (steak!)…

A very good Father’s Day!

Mother’s Day!

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What Kael and Maryn are trying to say, is:

“Thanks for being our Mommy, we wouldn’t want to have anyone else…you’re a great Mommy!”

Toddler Wisdom 17

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“That’s Perfect!”

Said while I was hanging up a picture of the Denver Bronco’s Cheerleaders by my computer. For the rest of the time Kael was using the computer, he couldn’t take his eyes off the poster.

Kid’s got good taste the ’05 squad was full of hotties…

Kael’s tattoo opinion

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Janice sent me this email at work the other night:

Okay, so we’re watching “Miami Ink” and cuddling on the couch after I

put Maryn to bed. Kael asked what she was doing. So I told him she

was giving that guy a tattoo. The guy was being real dramatic about

it and crying out and closing his eyes real tight and saying “man,

this hurts so much”.

Then, Kael decided he wanted one of his Thomas tattoos. So, I start

putting his tattoo on, and notice that he’s got his eyes clenched

real tight and then he opens his eyes and says “why was he

screaming? This doesn’t hurt at all!”

Gotta love the kid.. he’s all set to go out and start calling people who say Tatoos hurt wimps…

Toddler Wisdom 16

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“We’re trying to be dump trucks, not cheerleaders”

Err.. your guess is as good as mine as to what little nugget of wisdom Kael was trying to impart..I just thought it was funny as hell

Toddler Wisdom 15

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“Pee comes from Pemises, and Poop comes from Buttses!”

I got a phone call at work the other night, when I answered, this is what got shouted at me… Apparently, “Puke comes from Mouths” gets randomly screamed out when he says this too..

So there you have it.. if you weren’t sure where Pee and Poop came from, now you know!