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Gadget gene

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Apparently, the need to have new gadgets to play with, and always trying to have the latest and greatest gadget…. can be blamed on Genetics… at least.. that’s what this article says…

I like the name for it:


Obviously, the disorder was named by someone who spent to much time playing neopets..

And, in case you were wondering.. both Kael and Maryn seem to have neophilia already…

I’m sure they got it from their mother…

The New Must Have!

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From the fine people that brought us Caffeinated soap… we now get:

Caffeinated Air!

Yes, now whenever you feel a need for a little pick me up… don’t reach for that cup of coffee or that can of Coke.. just pick up your handy inhaler and give yourself a zap!

Note the warning from the page:

Warning: Do not take more than 4 doses in a 24 hour period. Too much caffeine can be fatal. If any abnormal symptoms develop, please consult your doctor. Not to be used by children or pets.

Yeah..its an inhaler.. how the heck is your dog going to use it? No Thumbs! Now, if you have a pet monkey I can see the need for the warning..

Me..I want to see what happens when someone whose Asthmatic grabs for their inhaler and grabs the wrong one!

Girls get everything

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Look, here’s more proof.

See.. now girls are even going to get built in MP3 players. From the article:

One boob could hold an MP3 player and the other the person’s whole music collection.

So..does this mean everytime your collection gets to big, you have to go in and get bigger boobs?

Wonder if they’ll put an iPod like scroll wheel in place of one nipple for controls… that’d be interesting…..

Name Brand Confusion

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OK.. once upon a time, there was a cell phone company called AT&T Wireless.. they sold themselves to a little company called Cingular Wireless, and then there was no more AT&T Wireless.. now.. while this sounds like a sad, sad story for little AT&T Wireless.. it doesn’t end there.. see, this other little company called SBC bought all of AT&T (the little, itty, bitty, phone company) and now that they have completed that little purchase.. they are changing the name of Cingular (who they own a good chunk of) back to…. wanna take a guess?

Yep..AT&T Wireles… only.. apparently, AT&T is no longer ‘cool, hip, and in touch with its youth’ so, the marketing type folks at SBC have decided to change the name to: at&t apparently.. they think this will make them part of the ‘in crowd’ since they won’t have to worry about the lazy people who always type with ‘u’ for you, 2 for two.. etc..etc.. having to remember to hit the shift key for all four characters, just for one…

Odd Search result

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I took a quick glance at the logs to see what kind of search queries were sending people here (besides the obvious ones like people searching on my name, or Kael’s name).

One caught my eye (I didn’t look at an extended period of time, I think it was just 1 day)

Coned shape boobs

Now.. this is not something I would have expected to have this site show up in the results I Googled the phrase.. thinking I’d have to dig through several pages of results to find a hit from here.. nope.. I was wrong.. I was #7 on the list of results.. which, of course, made me look to see where I’d been talking about coned shape boobs (considering I would have spelt it correctly as cone shaped boobs)..turns out.. because I have Movable Type set to create a category archive page (which lists every entry ever written for a particular category)… I appear to have made fun of boobs and Con-Ed (the power company) in the same category.. so when Google indexed the page I appear to have been talking about oddly shaped boobs..I suppose I should be relieved that I didn’t show up further up the list of results, and beat out the erotic story that is the #1 result)

Dream Machine

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Yesterday, Apple introduced the Machine I’ve been waiting for, since before I bought the iMac G5… the dual, dual core PowerMac. That’s 4, count ‘em 4, processors in the machine..PCI-Express, DDR2 RAM.. 2 gigabit ethernet ports….
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Odd Keyboard

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And then, here’s proof that odd items aren’t just marketed for your bedroom…

A solid black keyboard… no pesky decals or printing on the keys to worry about rubbing off… of course..that means you actually have to know where the keys are before you buy this keyboard.. since you can’t cheat and look down when you’re typing..

While I like the black keyboard part.. I don’t think the whole blank key thing is for me.. while I can generally type without looking…there are sometimes when I just have to sit and stare at the keyboard to try and figure out what I’m typing…

Cool Case Mod

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Normally.. Mac users don’t go into the whole case mod thing.. Our computers look cooler then most windoze boxes do, as soon as we open the cardboard box to take them out. But.. every once in awhile.. you see a good Mod… and this is one.

I need one of those..I don’t know what I’d do with it, since I really don’t need another computer right now.. but.. I need one of those! I mean really… How could I pass up on a Mac powered Millennium Falcon? That’d be like passing up on an iPod case that looks like a X-wing (oooohhhh.. has anyone seen one of those? I’d be in geek heaven!)

Send yourself to Pluto!

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Or.. send your name at least. Since I don’t think there’s really room for all of you to squeeze onto the probe.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Self, what the hell is he talking about?”

NASA is going to be launching a probe early next year that is going to go check out Pluto and the Kuiper Belt (an Asteroid belt just past Pluto).. and the company that is actually building the probe, is letting people sign up to have their names sent to Pluto (presumably on a CD or something like that). And, if you feel like hanging around.. the probe’s orbit will cause it to return to Earth (or, near Earth) in only 50,000 years..

Go, sign up.. what’s the worst that could happen? Plutonians think we’re attacking and come kick the ass of everyone on the list?

Its released!

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Today, Six Apart has officially released Movable Type version 3.2. I’d imagine there will be much downloading and upgrading done tonight! Since I’ve been running the betas, my favorite new feature is the “junk” feature, which works to help prevent comment and trackback spam.. and it seems to work pretty good.

I’m downloading now, and will update tonight. Two important tips… back up your database! and make sure that you have the mt-site.js file up to date… otherwise funky things happen on comments