After much rumormonger, and speculation.. Apple today announced the iPhone!

Cingular will be the exclusive US carrier.. the phone itself is still awaiting FCC approval (so it’ll be at least 2 months before its available). No buttons, all touch screen, runs a stripped down version of OSX. Comes in two configurations 4Gig and 8Gigs (it has iPod functionality built in obviously)… $499/$599 with a two year contract..so.. I probably won’t be replacing my phone any time soon.

Also introduced today is Apple TV (the iTV codenamed product). Which is essentially just a 40Gig hard drive with wireless and TV connections on it to stream from iTunes to your TV (It will synch with one copy of iTunes, just like an iPod).. too bad the AppleTV isn’t a DVR..then I’d buy one.. probably won’t get one in its current incarnation…although, I suppose if I bought more movies from iTunes it might be worth it.