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Safari 3

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One of the items released to the public at today’s WWDC keynote, was a public beta of Safari v3.. now bringing speedy W3c compliant web browsing to the boring ass windows platform.

Beta available here.. haven’t heard a actual release date yet.   The blurb about it look good, and I’ll be giving the Mac version a workout in a bit..

DST fix for OS X (10.0-10.3.9)

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Apple has released a fix for DST for OS X (10.4), but they haven’t released one for the earlier versions of OSX (and, given that the ‘new’ DST goes into effect Sunday..they probably aren’t going to)

I found this while surfing around today… its a 3rd part DST fix for all the older versions of OSX (Yay for Unix underpinnings!)


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After much rumormonger, and speculation.. Apple today announced the iPhone!

Cingular will be the exclusive US carrier.. the phone itself is still awaiting FCC approval (so it’ll be at least 2 months before its available). No buttons, all touch screen, runs a stripped down version of OSX. Comes in two configurations 4Gig and 8Gigs (it has iPod functionality built in obviously)… $499/$599 with a two year I probably won’t be replacing my phone any time soon.

Also introduced today is Apple TV (the iTV codenamed product). Which is essentially just a 40Gig hard drive with wireless and TV connections on it to stream from iTunes to your TV (It will synch with one copy of iTunes, just like an iPod).. too bad the AppleTV isn’t a DVR..then I’d buy one.. probably won’t get one in its current incarnation…although, I suppose if I bought more movies from iTunes it might be worth it.

They want me to pay????

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after finding out that there is a open source solution for TiVo’s programmers being unable to find their ass with both hands… TiVo today sends me their newsletter telling me that they have released an ‘official’ version of TiVoToGo for the Mac… and.. all I have to do is BUY it from another company! (here’s the text from their newsletter)

Oh, Mac friends…

Yes, the day has finally arrived when we can share this much anticipated news with our most loyal, passionate, and oh-so-patient Mac friends: We’ve partnered with Roxio to enable TiVoToGo in Toast 8 Titanium, available TODAY!

Yes, you can now transfer your favorite TiVo recordings to your Mac, watch them in a player, burn them to DVD, and convert them for playback on iPod or PSP

Right…so.. lets see if I have this right:

1 – Over two years after first announced

2 – Not from TiVo

3 – A product I have to purchase from a different company, to use a feature included in my monthly subscription fee to TiVo. And for the low, low, price of $69.99 at that…

And geniuses over at TiVo, please do answer this.. why the hell would I want to pay another company to use a feature of your service that I’m already paying you for???? Do you think Mac Users are stupid? Or do you think your product is good enough we should pay someone else to let us use your product…

You guys are idiots if you think this is a good idea… I’ll stick with the Free and Perfectly functional Open Source product to use the feature I’m already paying you to let me use…

Sexy Bikini!

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Everyone loves a nice tiny bikini that shows off a lot of….

iPod.. (pervert!)

Just in time for the holidays, you too can now deck your iPod out in a nice sexy bikini! Pacific Design has iPod bikini’s for the iPod Video, and I think for the iPod Nano (no affiliation with them..just think they are sexy cases)

Free Adobe Creative Suite 3

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Ok..technically, its the Beta version..and you have to already have a copy of an earlier version of CS (you need its serial number to register)…But, if you are running on an intel based Mac.. even the beta should perform better then the older versions through Rosetta

Adobe’s press release about it is here.

Download is supposed to be available from here. (I didn’t see a link to the download when I was writing this)

TiVoToGo – Mac Edition

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One of my favorite vaporware products, is Tivo’s TivoToGo for the Mac.

TiVo first introduced TivoToGo almost 2 years ago for windows. And, like many companies, they immediately announced that they were still working on the Mac version, and, it would be available “Soon”.

2 years later… nuthin, not even a crappy beta that only works once every week.. not a peep from them, any questions about it receive the “we’re still hard at work on it, it’ll be available soon.” response.

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Happy 5th Birthday!

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Everyone’s favorite music player turns 5 tomorrow!

Thats right..the iPod will be 5! I’m sure there will be a big party, with cake and ice cream and everything ;)

In celebration, I think everyone should go out and buy new iPods!


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the new iMac arrived yesterday morning…so far, I’m still transferring stuff over and setting it up (I did make sure I setup WoW.. looks very, very nice.. with all my addons and mods installed.. I’m getting about 2.5 times the FPS that I was getting on my G5 iMac.. and thats with all settings cranked up. I’m gonna try it later with the default UI and see what I get)

Very fast, and very bright.. I’ve got the brightness on the new iMac set to one step above off, and its still brighter then the old iMac at full brightness… more after I get everything transferred over and can play with it more.

for now… here’s this shot to show the difference in size:



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Since I ordered my iMac, I have constantly been refreshing Apple’s order status page to see when it would ship out to me (and, because everyone knows if you check on the order more often, it gets built faster)… I woke up this morning, and checked..and it shipped!

Sep 15, 2006 9:13 PM Picked up SHANGHAI CN Package received after FedEx cutoff

9:13 PM Left origin SHANGHAI CN

4:46 PM Package data transmitted to FedEx

So… my iMac left China at 9:15p tonight (isn’t the date line fun when dealing with shipping?)

its on its way!

Now I get to go refresh FedEx’s page all the time…since I’m sure that will make the planes/trucks go faster…