Time for a Change

Looks like its time to change blogging software..

In addition to not having updated Movable Type in ages… SixApart has apparently been busy censoring the users of their LiveJournal service.

Of course they are saying they were trying to ‘protect the children’…

Sixapart..here’s a newsflash for you.. I don’t need, or WANT you to ‘protect’ my kids…I’m a parent..thats my job… Your censorship has cost you a customer.. I’m going to actively look into switching to another blogging software… probably wordpress..

(and yes..I get the irony in ‘actively’ looking for blogging software for a blog that is less then active…but I’m going to start blogging more again…for real this time)

Oh Well…still a lot of Bacon

By now, you’ve heard about the 1100 pound ‘feral’ hog killed by an 11 year old way back at the beginning of May..

Turns out… the feral hog.. wasn’t so feral… seems the hog’s name was Fred.. and the ‘hunting’ area… was a large fenced in area..

Foxnews has some more details about Fred…

Feral or not.. an 1100 pound pig will make a lot of Bacon and Ham….