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A Sheriff that gets it

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The Larimer County (Colorado) Sheriff gets it.. he understands that “Gun Free Zones” are equal to “Gauranteed Victim Zones”..nothing like providing crazy folk with designated, unprotected areas to use to kill people… He (and rightly so) is calling for more campuses to allow students who are licensed to carry their weapon, to do so. (Utah has it in their state laws that campuses can’t prohibit licensed concealed carriers from carrying…and they’ve had no all out gun fights over someone cutting in line at the cafeteria like Sarah Brady and her yahoos would have you believe will happen on a daily basis).

If legislators keep making areas where law abiding citizens are unable to defend themselves, then legislators are guaranteeing that we will have another mass killing incident. Apparently, legislators haven’t figured out, that criminals, by definition, don’t care what the law is…