She was what?

Apparently, the number of idiots in the world is in no danger of getting lower.

Out of Florida, we have this lady, who thinks “settlement would be nice”, because she was trying on a bra, and a construction worker saw her naked.

This raises a few questions:

1 – Why was she naked to try on a bra?  I did a quick survey of all the women in the house, and exactly zero of them get completely naked  to try on a bra.

2 -  From the article:

“Turner said she had recently had breast implants and was trying on bras at 10 a.m. last Wednesday when she spotted the man”

Ok.. so she just had fake boobs.. this means..everyone has already seen her boobs..they now look like every other pair of fake boobs out there!  And even if she hadn’t had fake boobs.. they are still just boobs.. get over it! You’ve got nothing that everyone hasn’t already seen before..

My favorite thing from the article is the picture.. it looks like her husband, who is supposedly “angry” that “there’s a guy out there who knows what my wife looks like naked.”  looks like he’s trying to avoid laughing his ass off while his wife talks about it..