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Maryn’s first Christmas! As has become our tradition, we went over to Jan’s parents’ house to exchange gifts with her family on Christmas eve, then did our gifts and the gifts from Santa on Christmas morning at our house.

The kids’ increased their holiday haul pretty significantly after the trip to the grandparents:


Look..matching PJs!


opening that morning haul


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For Chanukah this year, the kids lit the Menorah (well..Kael did, Maryn is still a little to small to be playing with fire)

We went over to my mom’s to exchange gifts, as is expected..the kids made out like Bandits.. at this rate, we’re going to need to move to a bigger house, to make sure there is room for all their stuff!


Happy Chanukah! to everyone!

Ugly Car

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I got the chance to see one of the new 4 door Jeep Wranglers up close and personal the other day… and I can sum it up in one word:


For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, they took their ‘unlimited’ body style (which was a slightly stretched 2 door Wrangler) and stretched it some more, and then stretched it a little more. The end result looks like a cheap Hummer wannabe. Seriously, this car is so ugly, I don’t think I’d drive it if someone gave me one! If you haven’t seen one yet here’s a pic:


I can’t really imagine that a lot of people were going into Jeep dealerships saying “Gee.. I was about to buy a wrangler, but just realized that its only got 2 doors, just like it has for the last 50 years, so I guess I won’t buy one”

I mean seriously, if you were looking for a 4 door SUV or family car, why would you even consider a Wrangler in the first place?? If you want a Jeep, you’ve got lots of 4 door models to pick from: Compass, Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Commander, and the new Patriot.

I think this 4 door Wrangler will be a short lived design, I can’t see it selling lots… I think Jeep would have been better off leaving the Wrangler alone, and giving us a Hybrid version of the Liberty or Commander instead.

And don’t think I’m a Jeep hater.. I drive a “real” Wrangler, but not one of these ugly ass Hummer Wannabes..

Mega Halloweeny Update!

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Its that time of year! Halloween..this is obviously, Maryn’s first, so she got to come along on the ‘traditional’ Halloween time festivities.

We started off with a trip to Anderson Farms which has become a ‘must do’ part of our halloween events. We thought we’d outsmart everyone else, and go on a weekday so there’d be fewer people there… yeah.. didn’t quite work the way we thought it would. Fewer ‘normal’ people were there….but TONS of daycare/school type people were there…

Maryn started out looking for her perfect pumpkin:


of course, Kael had to get in on the action:


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9 Months

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we took Maryn in for her 9 month checkup on Monday.. she’s doing excellent.. still a tiny, tiny girl.. 16 lbs, 27 3/8″ tall.

She’s pulling herself up on everything, and cruising along while holding on to the couch, or anything else she can grab.

She’s going to be our little troublemaker. Kael never really tried to play with electrical outlets..Maryn is really fond of them.. everytime I turn around, she’s trying to either unplug something or stick her fingers in the socket… time to finish babyproofing the house I guess


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The Broncos finally scored a touchdown Sunday against the Pats.. so.. here’s (quicktime format…of course) Little M showing off… (its about 15 megs…)

There be teeth in there!

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Little Miss has 4 teeth! We knew she had two coming in on the bottom, but we had no clue that she was also cutting two on the top at the same time! We didn’t find out about the top two, until she bit Janice, and left 4 tooth imprints in her arm.

Can’t get a picture of her top teeth..but you can see her bottoms here:


Mmmm… Ribs!

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Since I’ve been told I “broke” Maryn with regards eating.. I figured might as well keep feeding her new foods, at Kael’s birthday party we had I gave Maryn her first rib.


Apparently, she likes ribs.. since she tried to help herself to more:


And now that she’s finally getting some teeth (we can just see the little holes where her first teeth will pop through).. she’ll enjoy the ribs even more next time!

Personal What?

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if you needed any proof that personal responsibility has gone right the hell out the window… take a look at this.

Yep… you read that right.. the jackass is suing the government..because he went out in the dark, to pee, and fell off a cliff….

Tucked into his lawsuit (Jerry Mersereau v. United States of America) is this succinct description of his misadventure: “While finding a place to relieve himself, plaintiff walked off the unguarded and unprotected cliff falling approximately 20 to 30 feet to the creek bed below.”

Now Mersereau wants the U.S. government to pay for his injuries and the “mental anguish” his fall has caused. He says the government should have known the cliff posed a danger to campers.

Posed a danger to campers? bout the government counter sues, because he should have known his ass can’t see in the dark and he should have brought a flashlight????

idiot…. what’s he’ll probably win his stupid lawsuit..thus, encouraging more people to do stupid stuff, and then sue someone else..


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I’m driving Kael to swim lessons today.. and we go through a couple of road construction areas.. one is where they are repaving a chunk of the road.. no big deal.

The other, has been doing some work on the islands, planting new trees, trimming up bushes, ripping up the grass/rocks/etc.. today.. we go by.. and I see they have replaced the grass/rocks/little bushes they ripped out..with bright, shiny, green… astroturf…

WTF? They couldn’t have just laid sod back down to replace the grass? now we have astro-turf’d islands.. we’ll get bright green grass year round… sigh…