Nice Jeans

you know, when the jean manufacturer has to start building underwear INTO the jeans, to prevent anyone from getting a ticket for indecent exposure, that they are very, very much “low rise” jeans

These jeans come courtesy of Japan.. read more about them here.

On one hand.. I can’t wait till these start showing up in the states, since I enjoy looking at hotties as much as the next 10 guys…on the other hand I have two concerns…

1 – You just know that some chick who weighs like 1500 pounds, is going to want to try and wear these, and can I just say.. Eww!

2 – I have a daughter…although, with any luck, by the time Janice is done picking out her clothes, women will have regained their senses, and low-ride jeans will be very much out of style..