Safari 3 – First Look

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Been playing around with the Safari 3 beta for a little bit.  First thing I noticed, is that the beta over-writes the non-beta version of Safari, which is kinda bad..since its you know.. a beta and all..what if there are sites the beta fails on, that the ‘live’ version didn’t?  I tried uploading my guild’s roster to our website.. still fails with a POSIX error.. so I’ll still be needing to use Firefox for that..Just tried to use one of WordPress’s “hot-keys” for formatting, and it didn’t work..granted.. I haven’t tried that under Firefox I dunno if it works there or not anyway.. Beta 3 doesn’t seem that much faster then “regular” Safari.  I think thats partially because I fully disable the cache, and thats some of where Safari gets its speed boost from..  I’ll have to try it from work, and see how Safari on winbloze feels.. 

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