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Baby Names

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We’re just starting to look at baby names (and since we don’t know if Vegas is a boy, girl, alien or puppy) we’re not just looking at single gender names. This morning at breakfast, I asked Kael what he wanted to name Vegas when he/she/it was born. His response?

“Yoda” Man… I love the crazy kid! I hadn’t even considered Yoda as a name for Vegas. Janice asked to (hoping for something a little more normal I think). Kael’s response to her?


So.. Kael wants us to name the baby either Vegas or Yoda… Guess we’ll have to add them to the ‘list’

Future Darwin Awards entrant

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She missed it this time, but I’m willing to bet that this lady ends up on the Darwin awards before to much longer.

From the linked article:

Lockhart said the woman was embarrassed about the accident.

Her explanation to officers: “I leaned out to spit and I leaned too far.”

And the quote from Captain Obvious the police officer:

“It’s certainly not prudent to open your car door on a highway, especially when you’re not wearing a seat belt,” said Capt. Rich Lockhart, a police spokesman.

Umm… DUH?

Ok..so to start with.. we have this lady..who feels the need to spit while driving down the highway at highway speeds (which, for states that aren’t constant construction zones like Colorado, is presumably 55 MPH or so) this.. on its own is not bad..lots of people do this… Ms. Doolin however, couldn’t be bothered with the simple task of ROLLING DOWN her window to spit.. she felt she needed to open her door (This would be Mistake #1). Then, as if that wasn’t a dumb enough thing to do.. she decides that instead of just leaning her head over a little to spit, she needs to lean her whole body over (This is mistake #2). And for some reason, apparently, when she decided to lean out of the car, moving along the highway at 55MPH…she didn’t feel the need to hold onto anything in the car (like, I dunno.. the steering wheel maybe?) and to compound this…she wasn’t wearing her seat belt either (Mistakes #3 and #4).

The only thing she managed to get right (or mistake #5 depending on your point of view), is that she managed to avoid getting ran over by the rest of the people moving down the highway….

I think we’ll see her on the Darwin Awards inside of a year…