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And The Answer is….

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Today, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound.. in addition to confirming that Vegas is in good health.. this ultrasound is also the one where they are able to tell with any degree of certainty what sex the baby is.. and in case you couldn’t tell by the appearance of the blog*.. The ultrasound technician chickie confirmed what we found out at the previous ultrasound.. Vegas is not a puppy or an alien.. Vegas, in fact, is a healthy girl (err.. girl to be? soon to be girl? Ehh… you know what I mean)

(There was going to be a picture of the ultrasound here…but for some reason.. when I add pictures to a post…nothing is appearing except an empty square.. I’ll have to figure that out and post a picture later)

Look for posts in the future soliciting opinions on names…

*if you’re reading this after the 19th or 20th of August… the blog was pink for a few days..starting with this post.

Birthday Day

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While we were planning on taking Kael to the water park today… we got rained out… so we’re gonna try and do that tomorrow..

When he saw his new train table this morning, the kid went nuts.. he went running up to the table hollering “Trains! Trains! Trains!” The only way we were able to get him away from the table this morning, was to take him to Toys ‘R’ Us to spend a gift card he got… wanna guess what he got?

Yep… more trains…

Here’s a quick pic of him playing with the table.. more are available here.


2 Years old!

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Today is Kael’s second birthday!

We’ve been getting all nostalgic over the last couple of days, looking at old pictures of him (well..as old as pictures of a 2 year old can be)..and its amazing how far he’s come in 2 years.

He walks, he runs, he can hold complete conversations, he is strong willed, he’s got his own opinions and he definitely lets us know what his opinion is!

I’m still surprised that we haven’t screwed him up, especially considering how little I know about kids (other then they are stinky and sticky)

For his birthday, we got him a train table for him to play with his Thomas the Tank engine toys on..and we’re going to take him to one of the Water Parks in the area.. his “big” party is this weekend, when his friends, family, etc.. will be able to spoil him some more…

Interesting Headlines

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So, awhile ago, I was complaining about how protesters who were protesting something so pathetic, that the only way anyone would pay attention to them, was if they had naked people there. Today, I found an article where naked (or nearly naked people) were protesting something worth being naked for!

The reason for a sudden bout of nearly naked women in New York?

The 10 or so women gathered and showed nearly all to protest the arrest of Jill (Phoenix) Feeley, who said she was taken into custody this month after going half naked on the lower East Side.

and why is this protest worthy, and PETA isn’t? Because in New York.. its not illegal for women to go topless. (I know that at least in parts of Denver, its not illegal here either)

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