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Dreamhost Hiring

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Dreamhost, my web hosting provider.. is hiring for a tech support position (No.. I’m not appyling – although I do think the job would be a blast, I don’t live in Brea California, hell.. I don’t even know where Brea California IS! (I do know where California is.. its that big chunk o’ land that is soon to be an island..after the next major quake). So, you might ask why I’m mentioning this on my blog? (Go ahead.. Ask….)

Because I found this line in the job posting absolutely hilarious!

Qualified applicants please send your resumes to us at jobs@dreamhost.com.

Plaintext is preferred, .rtf will work too. If you send your resume as a .doc file we will know that you suck at following directions!

Now… if they would open that position up to “work from home”… I’d apply in a minute..