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Headline Roundup

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A quick glance at some of the stuff happening in the world today… or at least, at some of the stuff happening that I find interesting or entertaining.

Let’s start off with this report on lightbulbs that glow in the dark. This company has invented light bulbs that let you see in the dark! I know.. its amazing, I’m not sure how we lasted this long without lightbulbs that gave off light in the dark…

Seriously though..its actually a kinda neat idea.. the bulbs work as normal when turned on.. but when they get turned off, or the electricity goes out (which I guess is actually the same as them getting turned off) they continue to glow, and apparently with enough light to see by without waiting for your eyes to adjust for the first hour. The drawback? each bulb costs about 5 times what a normal bulb would cost… ouch.

Next we have a good wholesome library story.. it seems, that if you go to the library, you not only incur the risk of late charges (especially if you never take the book back), but now, apparently, its just plain dangerous to go. This is why I do all my reading online, or buy the book..its just not safe in the library.. between getting stabbed in the neck, and having to use a windoze based computer if you want internet access…its horrible!

And then we have this winner from the “And they let these people breathe” category. I’ll just quote the headline..it’ll give you a good idea:

Mother who gave pot to toddler sentenced

Yep.. you read that right… my favorite quote from the article?

A key prosecution witness was Brandi Nichols, an admitted drug user who turned Durham in after taking photographs of her holding a water pipe while her 18-month-old daughter put her mouth over the top.

So..let’s see…what lessons can we learn?

  • Mistake #1 – Smoking pot where your 18 month old toddler (otherwise known as a little mimic machine who will try and do EVERYTHING you do) can see you.
  • Mistake #2 – Letting said 18 month old have their turn with the bong.
  • Mistake #3 – Having another pot head take pictures of your 18 month old getting stoned.
  • Mistake #4 – Not keeping the pictures the pot head took!

And yet, after not testifying on her own behalf, not calling any witnesses to testify for the defense, and being found guilty… this brain dead idiot, is trying to get custody back from the state….Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids…