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2 year Dr Appt

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We took Kael to his 2 year doctor visit on Friday. Of course, Kael is in good health, he is only in like the 10th percentile for weight (which, means that 90% of 2 year olds weigh more then him)… but.. since he seems to have a really fast metabolism, I guess thats to be expected.. besides.. there’s nothing wrong with being skinny!

My favorite quote from the Doctor?

“He’s got the right amount of bruises on his legs”

Gotta be something they say, to help calm parents who think that someone will turn them in for child abuse because their toddler is a klutz

Toddler Wisdom II

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“Don’t drink the pool”

And since we were swimming at our parent tot class, in the water with a bunch of other kids (who probably have no more bladder control then Kael)… Very, very good words to pay attention to.