Daily Archives: August 20, 2005

First Shirt

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I think… that this will be the first shirt I buy for Vegas after she’s born. (from t-shirt hell)


Kael’s Party

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Tonight was Kael’s birthday party.. we tried to keep it relatively small, so it was just family and a few friends.

Kael had a blast, and ended up with a huge haul. He got some trains and tracks for his train table, some clothes, some sheets, and his favorite toy of the night – a ride on ‘digger’ that we had to pry him off to get him home…


Max’s Party

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Yesterday, Kael’s buddy Max had his birthday party. Since Buddy Max lives like 45 minutes or so away, we carpooled out to the party with one of Janice’s friends, and her daughter Debbie (Also Kael’s age.. Kael went to her Birthday Party last week).

The funniest thing that happened at the party, happened on the way there.. at least.. I think so…

We had put Kael and Debbie’s car seats next to each other, in the farthest back seat in the van… and when we got to the park.. Kael’s shoes were off, Debbie’s hair was all messed up, and one of the spaghetti straps on her shirt was broken.. They looked like they’d been fooling around in the back seat (obviously, they hadn’t been… but if they’d been 13 or 14 years older.. I’d have sworn they were)

Of course.. the romance was short lived.. Debbie became infatuated with Max’s older brother at the party… he’s now her “pookie”

The rest of the party was your typical toddler bash.. kids running and playing, parents (and pookie) chasing and trying to get them to sit still long enough to eat. Fun was had by all…

And it gets to be repeated today for Kael’s party