Daily Archives: August 17, 2005

MT 3.2

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Looks like Six-Apart may be releasing the non-beta version of MT 3.2 as early as tomorrow. At least, they probably will, unless someone finds a showstopping bug. According to this entry on 6A’s beta blog…this is the last chance to file a bug report for the beta..I think its ready.. I’m running 3.2b4 on a seperate install for testing…and it seems pretty solid to me, the one bug I did find during beta was promptly squashed in one of the nightlies…so I’m hoping they’ll release it tomorrow..so I can do the upgrade and new templates/css while still on vacation….

Don’t forget to backup your database before upgrading!

Water Park

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Since we got rained out yesterday, we decided to head on over to the water park today. Kael was… overwhelmed by the number of people there, and all the running and screaming and stuff, initially. So he started out not enjoying himself too much..but after he relaxed he started having fun.

His favorite attraction, was the “lazy river” (incase its called something else in other places.. its the big, slow moving, sit on a inner tube and float ride).. he had a blast.. he was rocking in my lap, trying to get us to go faster, singing “row, row, row your boat” and “wheels on the bus” waving to the lifeguards, waving to Janice, and just laughing…we musta floated in circles for an hour before he decided he was ready to get out..

It was fun, and I’m sure we’ll be taking him again…