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New Best Friend

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I’ve been using Dreamweaver when I’m working on the templates and site design stuff.. and then I saw this over at SixApart. I’ll quote the exciting part:

You can make use of the support for Movable Type template tags in Adobe GoLive CS2,

So, I have a new best friend now.. everyone, please meet Adobe GoLive CS2, GoLive, this is everyone..

I have a feeling, GoLive and I will be spending lots of hours together in the future..

I think I love Adobe….

Movable Type 3.2 Beta

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Looks like I could have taken a little bit longer with finishing up my MT 3.2 templates, according to this post, Six apart has decided to release a 4th beta, instead of going final candidate. The list of remaining bugs is much smaller.. and I think it will be a very stable release… also of note, Jay Allen revealed why the new default templates have so much HTML/CSS code in them, even though the actual MT tags have been simplified.:

But now, we’d like to let you in on the “secret”: We’ve unified the HTML structure used across all Six Apart products (Movable Type, TypePad and LiveJournal) to allow styles and designs to flow back and forth between our millions of customers.

This should make it easier for people to design new “themes” for MT, since so much information is now standard across the services. I’ll probably switch Janice’s Blog over to the new default template “Vicksburg” when I upgrade the site.. she’ll probably want the color scheme changed..but that’s easy..