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Bill Collectors

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Holy Crap!

You.. stop what you are doing right now.. and go here. Read the linked entry on some guy’s blog… and commence with laughing and snorting and whatever else it is you do when you’ve just read some of the funniest shit you’ve seen in awhile!

A Brief excerpt:

  • f.f.b.c.c.w.: “Sir, I just need to schedule a payment.”
  • me: “Schedule it for Friday, then.”
  • f.f.b.c.c.w.: “And you’ll be able to pay it by then?”
  • me: “Probably not.”
  • f.f.b.c.c.w.: “Then can we schedule it for a time when you will?”
  • me: “Sure. Schedule it for May 16th, 2010.”
  • f.f.b.c.c.w.: “I can’t schedule that far, sir.
  • “me: “Friday, then.”
  • f.f.b.c.c.w.: “But you’ve already said you won’t be making a payment then.”
  • me: “I won’t, but some other account representative will be on duty then, so it’ll be their problem.”

Ya gotta love seeing someone screw with Bill collector’s.. uhh.. I guess.. that is unless you happen to be a bill collector.. then you probably hate it unless its really funny, and not you that’s being screwed with

Its released!

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Today, Six Apart has officially released Movable Type version 3.2. I’d imagine there will be much downloading and upgrading done tonight! Since I’ve been running the betas, my favorite new feature is the “junk” feature, which works to help prevent comment and trackback spam.. and it seems to work pretty good.

I’m downloading now, and will update tonight. Two important tips… back up your database! and make sure that you have the mt-site.js file up to date… otherwise funky things happen on comments

Sims 2 Expansion

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Because all you Simmers (is that even a real word?) don’t spend enough time playing with your Sims:
Aspyr Media today announced they will publish The Sims 2 University, the first expansion to The Sims 2, with an anticipated release in November 2005.

Now you know what to add to ask Santa for


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Further proof that women will wear anyting.. There is now a water based bikini floating around.. and apparently, its designed to have cold water poured into the cups to keep you cool…and adjust your breast size, and get you in shape, all at the same time.

From the Sun:

And according to boob boffins, the cold water will even help tone, firm and shape your beach body.

The bra’s filter funnel means bikini babes can top up the water level at their leisure, controlling how cool they keep their boobs.

My guess is the ‘tone, firm, and shape’ portion comes in, as you keep running around to refill your boobs, and escape the stares of every guy on the beach